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COVID-19 Office Closed to Public

Posted on 29 Mar 2020

SEARMS has now moved into Stage 3 RESTRICT of it’s Pandemic Plan.


A reduced team is still available by phone on 1800 138 425.


While standard property inspections and non-urgent repairs work are suspended, business is running as usual.

So continue to keep up with your rent and arrears payments and call us if you have any Urgent Category 1 or 2 repairs.

Category 1- Urgent Time frame to respond = within 24 hours

Definition: Emergency work that must be undertaken immediately as it poses an immediate threat to either person or property

  • Loss of power / lighting to the whole property (due to property fault as opposed to unpaid bills)
  • Loss of water to the whole property
  • Gas leak
  • Hot water service – burst, not working at all
  • Blocked drains, sinks, baths, basins, toilets (maybe Category 2**)
  • Property Security eg any fault or damage that makes the property unsafe/not secure eg external locks, wall breach (other than Tenant Damage)
  • Serious roof leak
  • Flooding (maybe Category 2**)
Category 2 – Priority Time frame to respond = within 2-3 days

Definition: Work that is of an urgent nature that does NOT pose any life threatening risk to person or property

  • Repairs to taps / dripping taps
  • Re-fix loose / broken, rotted floor boards
  • Leaks to waste pipes to internal fittings (maybe Category 1**)
  • Flushing cisterns
  • Repair internal door entry
  • Fallen gutters/downpipes
  • Blocked surface water drains ie stormwater

 ** Refer to Maintenance Co-ordinator to determine the severity of the problem and whether should be Category 1 or 2, hence the time frame to respond.