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SEARMS Aboriginal Corporation

Aboriginal Owned and Controlled
Housing Management Service

SEARMS acknowledges the Traditional Owners and Custodians
"The First Peoples of this Land."

SEARMS' aims to be the best housing and project management organisation in the state by:

  • Providing only the highest quality of service
  • Involving our people in decision making processes
  • Maintaining the confidence and trust of our partner organisations and the wider community by ensuring the delivery of culturally appropriate services
  • Being a viable and efficient Aboriginal controlled organisation.

Our values:

  • Respect for tenants, and the decisions of our members
  • The privacy of tenants and communities
  • Honesty about what we can and can't do
  • Transparency in the way we run this organisation
  • Accountability to tenants, communities, and funding bodies
  • Integrity in all that we do.

Our objectives are to:

  • Further empower our communities by combining the skills, ideas and potential of all of our members
  • Create more viable housing organisations that continue to improve
  • Co-ordinate and streamline management of our housing stock
  • Deliver better service to tenants and applicants
  • Deliver housing stock in better condition to our members
  • Make us eligible to take over management of AHO properties
  • Create new opportunities for employment and training through building programs and land development
  • Attract a wider range of funding to build our communities
  • Increase home ownership for our people.