Aboriginal Community Owned & Managed

Our Team

Our Team

SEARMS is committed to ensuring opportunities for Aboriginal employment and career advancement – and is investing in ensuring our team has the support and resourcing to obtain relevant qualifications for their position.  Currently, service delivery officers are enrolled and supported in gaining their Cert IV Social Housing.

SEARMS advocates for a national approach to Aboriginal workforce development in the community housing sector.  We now have teams based at Batemans Bay and Canberra offices which are open Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm.  Our Nowra outreach office is open by appointment only.

Recruitment, attraction and retention of qualified, experienced staff to our organisation remains challenging.  Over the past two years, SEARMS has restructured to increase internal capacity for AHO Property Management Transfers, the Aboriginal Community Housing Innovation Fund development programme and our Canberra office.

SEARMS has also been active with hosting Cadets from CHIA NSW’s Cadetship programme – 2021  x 1 cadet, 2022 x 3 cadets.  Our 2021 Cadet has since joined SEARMS permanently as a Housing Officer. SEARMS is currently advocating for cadetships across a range of disciplines – finance, business administration and project management.

Our executive and management team draw on their depth of experience and qualifications to meet the growth goals of SEARMS while maintaining a high-level of service to our tenants.

As at May 2024, our Executive Team is:

  • Chief Executive Officer – Kim Sinclair
  • Chief Financial Officer – John Morison (Finance, IT, Insurance)
  • Chief Services Officer – Melissa Jones (Specialist Homelessness Services, Client Supports)
  • Chief Operating Officer – Lisa Dart (Assets, Repairs & Maintenance, Bagindji Mana (property care team))
  • Chief Business Officer – Rosie Tan (HR, General, Community Centre)