Aboriginal Community Owned & Managed

Vision & Mission


SEARMS Aboriginal Corporation

Most of the regional areas served by SEARMS are higher than average in their Aboriginal populations and Aboriginal households in social housing tenure.

This correlates to the census information that calculates an Index of Relative Socio-economic Advantage and Disadvantage (IRSAD) using Socio-Economic Indexes for Arears (SEIFA) scores.  The result shows many of the areas in the Far South Coast region are rated in the two most disadvantaged quintiles.

With many of our Aboriginal communities currently living in extreme poverty and at risk of/or in homelessness, SEARMS endeavours to address this entrenched disadvantage whilst preserving the integrity and the core of Aboriginal values and beliefs.

Source: ABS Census 2016

Our Priorities 2020-2024




We are strategically focused in our work. We model best practise against clearly articulated and aligned objectives to grow housing supply and options.

We are consistent and diligent in ensuring our services are financially sustainable while meeting statutory and regulatory requirements.

We develop strategic partnerships and relationships with government, non-government and industry groups to advocate for investment in growth of the sector.