Aboriginal Community Owned & Managed



SEARMS Aboriginal Corporation aims to operate in a clear and transparent manner, treating Tenants fairly within their rights whilst meeting our legislative and organisational responsibilities.

SEARMS acts as Managing Agent for a number of Owners as well as owning and managing our own housing portofolio.

Each property owner has different eligibility criteria and housing policies. This will be set out in the terms of your lease, and will determine the rent you pay.

You can find out which program you’re renting under by looking at your residential tenancy agreement. Generally when you are a tenant your tenancy is managed in accordance with the Residential Tenancy Act, with the Additional Terms section of your Residential Tenancy Agreement stating which additional Owner* Housing Policies may apply to your tenancy to remain eligible for the property.

See the 2023 July SEARMS Tenant Handbook which has more information on general Landlord and Tenant obligations.

SEARMS housing policy for our properties is determined by SEARMS Board. See SEARMS Housing Policy.  We have also put together a Frequently Asked Questions sheet 22.06.14 SEARMS Housing FAQ

*Please note:  Check with your Housing Officer for the applicable policy for your tenancy.