Aboriginal Community Owned & Managed

Vision & Mission


SEARMS Aboriginal Corporation

With many of the Aboriginal Families living in the South Eastern Region of New South Wales currently living in extreme poverty or in homelessness. SEARMS has dedicated its business to helping and aiding Aboriginal communities get back on their feet and improve the Social well-being, whilst preserving the integrity and the core of Aboriginal values and beliefs. SEARMS main objective is to be more than just a community housing provider, we also provide support to Aboriginals suffering from poverty, misfortune and distress by providing secure, affordable and culturally appropriate Aboriginal housing and other community services.

Our Vision

  • To provide secure, social, affordable and culturally appropriate Aboriginal housing and other community services.
  • Our tenants are satisfied with the housing and related services that we provide.
  • To partner with various organisations to ensure the best outcome for our people.

Our Values

Family: We are family – including extended family and we share responsibility.

Acceptance: Each individual is understood for both their strengths and weaknesses.

Sharing: This is part of us Aboriginal people’s obligation and responsibility. It is an honor.

Equality: Each person is respected with the ‘right’ to be an equal.

Belonging: Cultural heritage and identity’ is of utmost importance. It gives us a complete sense of belonging.

Respect: We respect people’s positions and responsibilities in all areas.

Time orientation: Even though Aboriginal people often focus on the past and present, the future is planned through mutual agreement and consensus.

Person orientation: In all our personal and professional relationships and interactions we listen, speak forthrightly and respect different opinions.

Our overarching approach

Invest: In our people and in innovation solutions to better serve the community and its cultural heritage.

Inspire: The leaders in the business to go that extra step and treat each customer with respect, dignity and cultural sensitivity.

Expand: Partnerships with Local, State and Federal organisations both Profit and Not for Profit through the improvement of business practices and customer service ideals.

Commit: To continually grow within the community through the building of cultural relationships and commitment to improving the lifestyle of each individual family.

Safeguard: The image of SEARMS through transparency and accountability in financial management and reporting practices.