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SEARMS offices are temporarily closed to the public as a control and precautionary measure against the COVID-19 (coronavirus).
You may also experience service delays as we are experiencing staff shortages due to isolation and quarantine requirements.
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FAQ: SEARMS Secondary Dwellings

Posted on 15 Feb 2022

Last year SEARMS’ held a Q&A with the tenants of potential sites in our Batemans Bay community.  Following that session and further engagement, we received consent from 10 SEARMS’s tenants to proceed.  We’ve created a FAQ to answer the most common questions from tenants and the wider community.

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Where Does My Rent Money Go?

Posted on 18 Jan 2022

One of the most common questions we receive from our tenants is about where rental payments go. When you make rental payments to SEARMS, these payments are first used to cover a number of ongoing Fixed Costs, with any monies left over going toward Repairs & Maintenance obligations for your home. Fixed Costs The average rent charged per SEARMS dwelling was $177 per week* and the majority of this payment is used for fixed costs directly related to the rental property. These costs include:

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Learn About SEARMS: Who We Are and What We Do

Posted on 13 Jan 2022

Who We Are SEARMS is an Aboriginal Community Controlled and  Tier 3 National Regulatory System Community Housing (NRSCH) registered provider.  We provide housing and tenancy management services to the AHO and other Aboriginal organisations across seven local government areas in the far-south coast and capital region. Originally established in 2003 to improve efficiencies and services under the Regional Management Model of the AHO, we started as a co-operative between six Aboriginal housing providers:

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SEARMS Community Centre with SNSW Health – Walk in Clinic Batemans Bay

Posted on 12 Jan 2022

We all want to help keep our mob safe from COVID-19. And so far, we've done a good job protecting our communities. But we need to keep going. The COVID-19 Omnicron variant is spreading quickly in NSW and could hurt our mob. So, we don’t want to wait until it’s too late. The COVID-19 vaccines can help protect mob from getting really sick from the virus. It helps protect our community, Elders, family and friends.  

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How Do I Make a Repair or Maintenance Request?

Posted on 30 Sep 2021

Incidents that require repairs or maintenance can occur at any time, so it's important to know how to request maintenance and repairs. If you live in a home managed by SEARMS and you need to report repair or maintenance issues, we've created a quick summary of your options below. Quick Reference Guide We recommend you first read through our Repairs and Maintenance Quick Reference Guide (updated January 2019). This guide will assist you with logging your request and will help you categorise your maintenance issue.

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SEARMS now in Canberra

Posted on 28 Feb 2021

The Covid pandemic  fast-tracked our plans to upgrade our tenancy and property management software to the cloud and open an office in Canberra.  

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