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Conditional continuation of ‘growth subsidies’ until 30 June 2020

Posted on 16 Jun 2018

SEARMS welcomed this month’s announcement from Shane Hamilton, CEO AHO of the extension of the interim growth subsidy program.

The ‘growth subsidy’ program was introduced to assist approved providers to build professional capacity and achieve operational viability in the medium to long term. This will be particularly important as Aboriginal Community Housing Providers (ACHPs) transition from AHO PARS registration to registration under the National Regulatory System for Community Housing (NRSCH).

Moving to registration under the NRSCH framework requires a gap analysis between the two systems – the extension of the growth funding will be critical to ensuring our systems infrastructure and workforce planning development is geared towards addressing those gaps. Being NRSCH registered will allow ACHPS to access further ‘mainstream’ funding and growth opportunities to improve our housing services and housing options for our local communities.