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FAQ: SEARMS Secondary Dwellings

Posted on 15 Feb 2022

Last year SEARMS’ held a Q&A with the tenants of potential sites in our Batemans Bay community.  Following that session and further engagement, we received consent from 10 SEARMS’s tenants to proceed.  We’ve created a FAQ to answer the most common questions from tenants and the wider community.


When is construction due to commence?

Sites were established for 4 of the 10 on 4 February with another 4 due to be set up on 14 February. The remaining 2 require Development Approval and cannot be established until that approval is received.

Is the rental cost for the secondary dwelling included in my current rental?

No, the secondary dwelling is not included in your current rental, it is a separate dwelling with a separate lease. Tenants for the new dwelling will be 18 years or older and will have to pay rent.

I don’t want a stranger living next to me, is this what will happen with these residences?

SEARMS secondary dwellings have been designed to alleviate overcrowding in the community and these upcoming properties have been carefully selected to ensure that they suit the current residents. These homes are not designed so that a stranger is living in your backyard.

How long before these homes are finished?

Due to our funding terms, these new dwellings MUST BE substantially completed by June 2022. Rescon Builders (the appointed builder) will do their best to meet the project schedules in spite of the major challenges currently facing the construction sector due to COVID-19 lockdowns which include labour and materials shortages.

Will I be able to pick the colour?

SEARMS will consult with Tenants who will be given an option of two colour schemes to choose from.

Does the secondary dwelling have a verandah?

Property verandahs are decided on a case-by-case basis, based on a number of factors including available space and the suitability of the plot of land. Due to this, we cannot guarantee whether your location will have a verandah until final approvals are received by the Certifier/Council.

Will the addition of a secondary dwelling affect my privacy?

SEARMS and Rescon Builders have endeavoured to ensure that your property remains as private as possible. This includes ensuring that your windows are not looking directly into windows of the secondary dwelling, and private open space for both residences.

Will the secondary dwellings have accessibility features for people living with a disability?

Whilst these secondary dwellings are not specifically designed for people living with a disability (e.g. the homes are not designed with ramps for wheelchair access), SEARMS has worked with Rescon Builders to ensure that as many of the Liveable Housing Design Principles are met as possible.

Do you have any other questions regarding the Secondary Dwellings?

Please contact SEARMS today by emailing projects@searms.com.au or freecall 1800 138 425